It has already been more than 20 years since our company started doing business with CB CARBIDE Group in Taiwan. The import amount was first a small sum of 10 tons, but reached nearly 80 tons last year thanks to your support.

Meanwhile, the world has been changing remarkably. Especially, the risk of rare metal due to the growth and globalization of China is also a serious issue also for Japan.

We procure the rare metal tungsten, which is the main material for cemented carbide, mostly from China. Accordingly, we have faced and overcome various events, including the skyrocketing and violent fluctuation of prices.

In addition to stable supply, our primary mission is to provide high-quality products at attractive prices, while hedging the price risk so as to tolerate the fluctuation of material cost.

By utilizing our knowledge and experience we have acccumulated over a long period of time, we will not only sell products that are comparable to those “made in Japan” in quality at low prices, but also try to develop new materials and produce more complex and more precise moldings, in cooperation with makers.

This year, another incident that degrades the reliability of Chinese products occurred in the field of ingredients. This case demonstrats how difficult it is to maintain quality in production in China. Our company will keep the trusting relationship with Chinese makers and suppliers without neglecting our duty to check products, negotiate with them from the viewpoint of our customers, and respond to any troubles swiftly in good faith.

Naoki Kobayashi
Japan Wolfram Co., Ltd. October 2014